Borja Leiva

Borja Leiva

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# 18 years old, born in Spain.
# CS @ Uni of Sheffield (UK).
# President of HackSheffield.
# Founder and President of CyberSheff.
# Obsessed with technology.
# Always moving around Start Ups.
# Youtube lover.

About Me

I consider myself a hustler, I try to live a busy life full experiences. I love to be travelling, meeting new people, doing new things and learning about new topics. I was born in Spain, I’m currently living in UK but I consider myself a world citizen, always trying to go to new places. I live in a small city called Sheffield where I study Computer Science (BSc) @ Uni of Sheffield. Why do I add the “(BSc)” to the degree? Because I want to do a master in the future, but it won’t be here, I want to do it either in US or China. Those are the two places where I see myself in the future, probably more US than China, but I definitely want to spend some time in China, in fact, I’ve been learning Mandarin for a while and I’m spending most of my ’17 summer in China.

As a person, one of the things that define me is that I love the hustle, I love working on the things that I beleive they are worth working for and seeing results! When I first came to UK with 17yo, I joined a society in my uni called HackSheffield that I found really interesting, 6 months later I became the president of that society. Since living isn’t free I tried to find a job and in around a month I found one and I started working @Apple. One of my areas of interest is cybersecurity and so, another accomplishment of this first year in UK has been founding the new CyberSheff (stay tuned, will be big, coming on February!)


Since I love travelling, talking to people, moving, etc, languages are very important for me and so, I’ve learnt the most spoken ones in the world, (being Spanish is an advantage in this case 😅). I speak Spanish and English fluently, I have certain level of Italian (parents living in Italy for ages brings value to the table) and I’ve been learning Chinese for a bit. I’ve practiced with my Chinese friends and so far, it isn’t that bad! 💪👊

As a young guy passionate about technology, business, communications, networking and so many other things, I’m always related with the tech and start up areas. You can find me in conferences, activities and events related with any of those topics. If I’m not there I must be adding some content to my YT Channel, working on a new project / start up, reading some articles or learning something new, going out on an adventure or studying for uni!

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This should've given you a quick image of me, but if you want to know me better, just check out my medium and other SN!